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Capital Credits

Piggy BankAs a member of a cooperative, you enjoy a unique privilege.  You actually own the company providing your electric services.  As a cooperative, Hill County Electric does not keep “profits” in the same sense that other businesses do.  Most funds in excess of operating expenses are transferred to a capital credit account. All funds in the capital credit account are guaranteed to be paid to the members.  Annually, the Board determines the amount to be returned as a general retirement based upon the financial health of the Cooperative, the cash needs, financial performance and balance sheet impact. Capital credits are used by HCE to improve services plus build and maintain the current infrastructure.  Without this money, HCE would have to borrow additional funds which would increase costs and rates for service. 

Please help us keep our mailing address records up-to-date for past and present HCE members by filling out the Capital Credit Account Update form.

We are searching for the following members who have unclaimed patronage capital credits due to an insufficient address.  You must complete the form and return to our office to receive your unclaimed capital credits.

If your name is on this list please print this form out and mail it in after completion. 


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