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HCE Scholarship Winners

Brandon Richter$1000 Basin Electric Scholarship 

Cory Kelly

As HCE’s power supplier, Basin provides a scholarship to be awarded by HCE annually to a member’s dependent.

Madison Reichelt$500 HCE MECA Finalist Scholarship

Sheridan Spicher

Congratulations to Sheridan for being selected as a finalist for the MECA Memorial Scholarship!


Rinnah KinsellaHCE’s $1000 “Tell Us Your Story” Scholarship

Aden Passon

Congrats Aden for winning the HCE $1000 "Tell Us Your Story Scholarship".

Rainey Stoner$500 HCE Basin Scholarship

Rainey Stoner

Congratulations to Rainey for being selected as a finalist for the $500 HCE Basin Scholarship!


Logan Pleninger$1000 Basin Electric Cooperative Employee Dependent Scholarship

Naomi Terry

Congrats Naomi for winning the $1000 Basin Electric Power Cooperative Employee Dependent Scholarship.

Ian McIntosh$500 HCE MECA Scholarship

Kane Gabrielson

Congratulations to Kane for being selected for the $500 HCE MECA Scholarship!

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