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Family standing in fieldBeing safe around electricity is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family.  Especially during harvest and seeding, when tractors, augers and combines are being moved around.  Whether it be in the field, or in the home, it is important to HCE for our members to be safe.  Our "Keeping You Home Electrical Safety" publication features important tips on home electrical safety.  We also encourage kids to learn the 5 Rules of Energy Safety on the Touchstone Energy Kids Zone website.

Farm Safety Tips

  • Take a good look around your farm and note the location of all power lines.
  • Plan safe travel routes for large equipment.
  • Never try to raise a power line yourself to get clearance for your equipment.
  • Have someone spot you when moving or operating large equipment near power lines.
  • Be properly trained on the use of all machinery before operating and make sure it is running properly.
  • If you come into contact with a line, assume it is live, stay at the controls of your equipment and try to move it off the line.  Keep everyone away and call 911.
  • If you must exit the equipment, JUMP clear of the equipment and DO NOT touch the vehicle and ground simultaneously. Keep your feet TOGETHER at all times.  JUMP or SHUFFLE away from the equipment.
  • Always call 811 before you dig.
  • Contact your electricity provider with questions or if something doesn’t look right.


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