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HCE's Solar Panel

Hill County Electric Cooperative has installed a 5 kW Solar Array on the Southwest end of the HCE/Triangle Campus. The purpose of the project is to educate our Members and anyone interested in renewable energy generation. The Solar panels will provide real time data that can be monitored to help you determine if renewable energy generation is something you are interested in investing in. The information below is a Cost Summary of what HCE's system cost, it also shows estimations on how long it will take for the system to pay for itself. Please keep in mind that actual system output and payback may vary based on your location and usage. Also, solar panels degrade or lose their efficiency each year and typically have a standard panel warranty of 25 years, which means that power output should not be less than 80% of the name plate rating after 25 years. To keep things simple, our estimations assume 100% output. What happens after 25 years? The truth is we don't know, the technology is relatively new and there is not a lot of data to look at, but experts are predicting they will continue to produce power.


Pictures of Solar Panels being installed on the Northwest end of the HCE/Triangle Campus.

HCE Solar Panel Installation - W.O. #2015063
Cost Summary 5kW Solar Array

5 KW System Cost
5 kW System Material $14,070.19
Solar Rack and Module Installation 7,040.00
HCEC Misc. Material $4,095.07
HCEC Labor  $3,018.29
Total Cost $28,223.55



Projected Annual Output

System Size - kW *Projected Annual Output - kWh *Projected Annual Output in $ (@ $0.095/kWh) Total System Cost Payback - Years (0% interest) **Payback - Years (w/ 30% tax credit)
5 6,750 $641.25 $28,223.55 44.0


* Actual output may vary. Please follow our actual solar kWh generated by clicking on the following link: Hill County Electric Solar PV System

Please also view the Montana Electric Cooperative Association's video on renewable energy generation to learn more about cost shifts that may be created between our Cooperative Members.

That video here: The Cost Shift of Net Metering

** Tax credits may be available for renewable energy generation, please contact your tax professional to see if you qualify.

** To learn more about other programs or incentives for renewable energy generation go online to: Incentives for Renewable Energy

More infromation about HCE's Net Metering Policies

Consumer Guidelines for Interconnection 2014

Interconnection Policy Section 10

HCE Application for Operation of Customer-Owned Generation 2014

Find out how our solar panel is performing here.

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